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Play DNA

About Us

About Us

Set up by Dr Stuart Grice and myself, Dr Sam Decombel, in 2010, PlayDNA is a company run by scientists with an artistic streak. We wanted to bring something new to the DNA Art market and satisfy people’s curiosity as to what their image actually means. In May 2013 we took our pitch to the dragons in BBC Dragons' Den - we had a lot of fun with them, and our art received quite a reception with Peter Jones being a bit of a fan (we're not sure Duncan really got it though)!

We created PlayDNA with the aim of combining art and science in a unique and entertaining way. We are the only DNA Art company that not only present you with a beautiful piece of personalised artwork, but also provide the meaning behind it.

Ever wondered if you have the gene for speed? Or if you have the blue eye gene? The answers are contained within your own PlayDNA Genetic Portrait, and we include a Certificate of Analysis and information guide to help you understand it. Did you get that gene off mum or dad? Our portraits also have full forensic capability so you can actually see family genetic relationships!

You don't have to be a scientist to understand your DNA art either, as we have personally scrutinised the latest scientific research and popular knowledge on every trait analysed, and compiled it into an attractive, easy to read glossy brochure, allowing you to explore and enjoy the background to your results in your own time.

PlayDNA is the place to come if you want your portrait to tell your story.