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About Us

With a PhD in genetics and a passion for science communication, Sam is responsible for the day-to-day running of the lab and the generation of your personalised image. She learnt to perfect the molecular genetic techniques used in production of your DNA image whilst studying for her PhD at the University of Birmingham, UK, where she has also lectured on Evolutionary and Conservation Genetics. 

Sam was intrigued to learn that she has a less than ideal DNA Sports Portrait despite excelling in sprint and throwing events at school and eventually captaining the women’s 2nd football team at University! She assures us that this is evidence enough that the environment you grow up in is as important, if not more important, than the genes you inherit.

With a DPhil in Genetics and Neuroscience from Oxford, Stuart is a published scientist who adds current and cutting edge expertise to the development of the genetic profiles.  

Stuart was surprised to discover he has a dormant blue eye gene in his genetic background despite having hazel brown eyes himself. A chat with his mum led to the discovery that his maternal great grandfather had blue eyes, a fact that had remained hidden for three generations behind the more dominant brown gene in his family!

With an unusual combination of 5 years experience as a graphic designer and 3 years experience as a senior laboratory technician for a scientific company, Callie’s complementary expertise lends itself perfectly to finalising the stylish look of your DNA image. 

Callie was not surprised to discover that she is genetically ‘bitter-taste blind’ after many debates with friends and family over certain bitter foods. Now she knows the reason why she seems less fussy than most of her friends and family!  She was however surprised to see that she has only a typical tolerance for pain sensitivity. After 2 tattoos, 5 body piercings, the birth of her baby girl and 3 operations, Callie assumed she might have an unusually high tolerance to pain!

James is a research scientist at the University of Oxford currently working on diseases that affect the nervous system. His interest in genetics was sparked while working in a lab at Harvard Medical School as an undergraduate, and he has never looked back! James is passionate about communicating science, and has even won awards for his science writing. He is also the research correspondent for the SMA charity The Jennifer Trust.

James is a keen sportsman having played for, captained, and coached basketball teams up to international level, including being capped for England youth teams. Perhaps unsurprising then that his DNA Sports Profile revealed James is particularly well suited to sports that require a high level of speed and power.