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Play DNA

How It Works

Your PlayDNA Personal Portrait provides a unique insight into five fascinating and diverse personal characteristics that define you as an individual. Delight family and friends by taking them through your unique banding pattern and the genetic explanation for your dislike of early mornings or aversion to vegetables!

The traits covered in the Personal Portrait are:

  • Morning/ evening preference

    Are you an early bird or more of a night owl? This gene is associated with what time of day you might be at your most alert, with some of us being at our most productive first thing whereas others don't get going until later in the day.

  • Memory:

    Do you have trouble remembering where you put your keys in the morning? This gene is associated with outcome in a number of memory-related tests, with some individuals performing better than others!

  • Bitter tasting:

    Can you taste the bitter compounds found in many green vegetables? This gene is associated with bitter taste perception and tells us how likely we are to be 'non-tasters' or 'super-tasters'.

  • Pain sensitivity:

    Do you have a high pain threshold or does the sight of a needle make you wince? This gene is associated with pain perception and might explain why a trip to the dentist fills you with dread!

  • Eye colour:

    Do you have the blue version or the brown version of this dominant eye colour gene? This gene is associated with the subtle variations in our iris colour that ultimately determine if we will have lighter coloured or darker coloured eyes.

Your PlayDNA Personal Portrait bespoke artwork comes with:

1) Your personal Certificate of Analysis detailing your results for the characteristics analysed. See an example of the Certificate of Analysis here.

2) The Personal Portrait Information Booklet, which provides a basic introduction to genetics and further information on each of the characteristics covered. See an example of the Personal Portrait Information Booklet here.


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