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Play DNA

How It Works

Your PlayDNA Sports Portrait is quite literally a snapshot of some of the more interesting genetic characteristics found to be related to physical performance. It might go some way to explaining why you excelled in sprint events at school or found cross-country running a doddle, and hopefully will provide added motivation to keeping healthy and active!

The traits covered in the Sports Portrait are:

  • Fat burning efficiency:

    How efficient is your body at burning fat? One version of this gene has been found at higher frequencies in endurance athletes and has been linked to our ability to increase fat burning and decrease fat storage in response to exercise.

  • Endurance:

    One of the most extensively studied genes in sports, do you have the gene for endurance? Found in long distance runners, rowers, and cyclists, one particular version of this gene has been associated with greater training-related improvements in response to aerobic exercise. 

  • Speed:

    Associated with muscle strength and power, one particular version of this gene has been found in every single Olympic 100m runner ever tested – do you have it too?

  • Metabolism:

    Having an efficient metabolism is important if you are participating in long distance sports as you can power your muscles for longer without needing to refuel. Find out if you have the gene to keep going strong.

  • Aerobic capacity:

    As well as being a marker for good health, having a high aerobic capacity enables your body to work harder during prolonged exercise. Some of us are lucky enough to have a naturally high aerobic capacity due to our genes, find out if you might be one of them. 

Your PlayDNA Sports Portrait bespoke artwork comes with:

1) Your personal Certificate of Analysis detailing your results for the characteristics analysed. See an example of the Certificate of Analysis here.


2) The Sports Portrait Information Booklet, which provides a basic introduction to genetics and all the background on each of the characteristics covered. See an example of the Sports Portrait Information Booklet here.


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